Glytch (Limit Test)

I embarked on a mission to find a reliable supplement that could replace my arsenal of other products. For two weeks, I incorporated Glytch (Limit Test) into my routine, and I must say, it made a noticeable difference. The blend they use in this product certainly has its merits. While it may not provide an uninterrupted energy boost for an entire day, it does excel in enhancing focus and functionality during extended periods of content creation. I experienced no crashes but rather a gradual decline, which was quite pleasant. However, be cautious of that gradual fall-off if you happen to indulge in a double dose before bedtime. I did experience a slight jitter, but it was minimal and not worth dwelling upon. Energy Level: 8.5/10.

Now, let's discuss the design.

The colorful and eye-catching tub initially appears a bit cluttered, but it has a certain appeal. Perhaps a simpler approach, such as featuring the "IOKI-inspired" element in the black top ring, would enhance the aesthetics and draw more attention to the logo. The vibrant color scheme works wonders and allows the logo to stand out just enough, catching the eye of both your camera and curious viewers who have an interest in energy supplements. The glossy finish of the tub adds a touch of sophistication, blending seamlessly with any desk design. Design: 8.5/10.

In my opinion, taste is of utmost importance, and while Glytch (Limit Test) excels in many areas, it does fall slightly short in this regard. The fruit flavor is undoubtedly present and enticing enough to make you crave another sip. However, there is a certain level of acidity that kicks in just enough to encourage chugging rather than sipping. Given my background in flavor profiling, where taste was paramount, I believe a stronger strawberry start, followed by a blueberry middle, and a raspberry finish would make this drink simply outstanding. Nonetheless, the blend is enjoyable despite the acidity. Flavor: 9.5/10.

In conclusion, I would love to see double tubs available for those who prefer a single flavor exclusively. Priced at $29 for 30 servings, Glytch (Limit Test) stands on par with its competition. The solid flavor profile harmoniously complements their energy blend and essential vitamins without any lingering aftertaste or off-putting notes. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking an extra edge during live performances or intense gaming sessions. Overall, I am delighted to have taken the time to try Limit Test by Glytch and will definitely be returning for more in the future!